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Kaleidoscope Painter
An easy way to draw like a pro. Just drag the mouse around the canvas and let the computer shows your artistic talents.

Life Image


Missile Invasion
Missiles are invading! Intercept them quickly. An arcade game with colorful graphics and multiple levels.

Missile Invasion Image
Battle Tank 3D
3D action game. This one with polygonal graphics. (Runs decently even on a Netscape 3.0 PC).

Battle Tank Image

Create artificial creatures and mutate them. This game illustrates the effect of cumulative selection and evolution.

jBiomorph Image

Fractal Twister
Watch beautiful fractal images emerge from nothing. In fact, they're the result of rotating 3-dimensional cubes.

Twister Image

Watch colorful kaleidoscopic images generated in real time, a variation of the Fractal Twister applet.


Alien Troopers
A simple, but fun arcade game. Multiple levels with increasing difficulties. Easy to play, colorful graphics.

Alien Trooper Image

Java Othello
The popular board game in Java. Play against the computer. Simple algorithm, suitable for beginners.

Othello Image

Tic Tac Toes
A modest tic-tac-toe game. Play 3-by-3 to 5-by-5 games.

TicTac Image

An implementation of the Game of Life. A model of artificial life that illustrates complex behavior by simple rules.

Life Image
Moiré Patterns
This applet generates virtually unlimited variety of moiré patterns. Colorful and amusing to watch.  See also

Moire Image

Moiré Circles
Line inference effect.  Watch closely, and count how many bubbles are there.

Moire Image

Ray Casting
A barebone (and slow) raycasting engine in Java.  This is not a game.  Source code available.

Raycast Image

Voxel Applet
Fly around in this 3D generated landscape. It is a real-time terrain rendering using a heightmap.  (Large data, requires high speed connection.) 

Voxel Image


The 8-Puzzle
The popular puzzle game in Java with smooth animations, and an automatic puzzle solver.

8 Puzzle Image

3D Engine in Java
Not really a game, this is a test applet of a 3D Engine that I wrote in 1997.   The applet allows the user to hatch objects and walk around the 3D world.



Cyclic Space CA
Watch order emerges from chaos in this implementation of Cellular Automaton.

Cellular Automata


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The applets are © Copyright 1996-2005  F. Permadi.
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