Sample application: Connect-The-Dot

Connect the numbers in increasing order.
There's a reward animation at the end.


Main elements:

  • Cursor tracker.
  • Picture sequence clip (prerendered MovieClip from the initial state advancing to the completed state in progression).
  • Oval buttons for the dots.

On every cycle (or on every frame):

  • Track the cursor position (to learn how this can be accomplished, read about it here).
  • Check if user clicks the correct dot, if yes, advance the movie clips to the next state (corresponding to the dot). I.e.: if the correct dot is dot 5, display the frame that show the state of the picture when dot 5 is completed.
  • Draw the line from the last connected dot to the current cursor position.

This application is intended to demonstrate freeform line drawing in Flash.  To learn more about drawing freeform lines in Flash 4, click here.
To learn more about drawing freeform lines in Flash 5, click here.


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May 2000