Highlighting Table Rows Using Mouse Event Handler on Every Row

Brand Dimensions Price Size Color  Type Comment
Brand A  200x300 $200,000.00 small white  good 2 doors
Brand B 200x100 $1,100,300.00 medium yellow good 3 wheels
Brand C  1200x2100 $100,000.00 large white good 4 wheels
HTML Series 20x210 $300.00  medium blue  good 100 wheels
CSS Series 56x340 $2,300.00 large blue  good crash-prone
Good Browser  23x30 $300.00  medium white  good sometimes crash
OK Browser 56x340 $2,300.00 large red  good bug free
XML Coder 256x1000 $232,300.00 large yellow  good nice
Example 1 543x300 $122,111.00 medium yellow  good expensive
Example 2 56x340 $2,300.00 medium green good noisy
Example 3 23x30 $2,300.00 large red good 9 wheels


See DOM Tree of a row:
See the DOM Tree of the Table


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