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  This kind of effect is very easy conceptually.  Just put a page-curl animation on a layer above the layer that contains the picture to be revealed.

The most difficult part is creating the page curl animation.  Below is the animation that I created.  It has four key frames which are motion tweened to create the page curl animation.  This is not easy to create.  It takes several hours to create at least a smooth one like this.   Even then, I think it could be made better (the paper looks like it's being pulled aside at the end).  This is a problem with motion tweening gradient.  More shape-hints might help, but this will do for this example.

The "page-curl" animation created with motion tween (uses shape hints).

Here's an onion skin view of the tween.

Once the animation tween is created, it can be placed on a layer above the image to create the page opening effect. 


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