Step 5: Cleaning up

  • To remove the ripple that appears in the middle of the movie, just go back to edit the main scene (Scene1), and move the RippleAnimInstance object to outside the stage (move it a  little far because it will expand).

  • To remove the red circle button, edit theButton symbol.

  • Notice that the first frame (Up frame)  has the red circle (or whatever you draw on in on the previous tutorial) on it.

  • Move the circle the the 4th (Hit) frame
  • To remove the red circle button, edit theButton symbol.

  • Let's insert a sound so that whenever the user clicks, the sound is playing.  To do so, import a sound file, then make a key frame on the Down frame.
  • Insert the sound on the Down frame.

  • To make the ripple stop playing, edit RippleAnim symbol.
  • On the last frame of the RippleAnim symbol, insert the following action:
    RemoveMovieClip("").  This will remove any newly created ripple animation instance.

  • You can increase the ripple density by duplicating Layer1, and shifting the first key frame.  

The Final Movie

Flash 8 users might want to see this other tutorial on creating a better looking ripple effect using Blend mode.



(C) F. Permadi