Wait until the image loads. Click the applet window above then move your cursor around the applet window and watch bubbles comes out of the cursor.  It's just eye candy, and completely useless otherwise, but well, hopefully fun.
The applet requires: CMBubble.class and CBub.class file.
Here's the Java code.  (I wrote this a long time ago, and it's JDK 1.0 based, so newer browser might have problems with it.)

The parameters are:
<applet code="CMBubble.class" width="400" height="240">
<param name="bubbleImage" value="bluebub.gif">
<param name="bgrImage" value="redbgr.jpg"></applet>

Make sure the width and height of the applet are the same as the width and height of the bgrImage that you use. The images can be gif or jpg format.  Example, something like this.


(C) 1998, F. Permadi